Guaranteed Rent In Reading

What Is Guaranteed Rent In Reading?

At Hodman Smith our Guaranteed Rent service means that we will guarantee your rental income for a period of time. We take your property off of your hands and pay you an agreed fee over an agreed period of time. This period of time is usually 1, 3 or 5 years.

Once we agree terms, all of the hard work is left to us whilst you can relax and receive your rental payment from us on time and every time.

We have worked exclusively within the Reading area for many years when it comes to property management and guaranteed rent. Many Landlords in the Reading area have been struggling to secure a fixed income for their property and Hodgman Smith’s services have enabled them to maximise the return from their property.

We Deal With The Tenants

It is solely down to us to source the tenants for your property. We will agree what tenants will be allowed in your property upfront and then we will get to work! Our tenant sourcing procedure is like no other, we have specialist software and methods to ensure the tenants we place in your property are low risk. We do full reference checks along with our own research to understand who exactly we are putting into your property – peace of mind!

As Reading is an up and coming and constantly developing area, we have seen an increase in tenants flood the market. These tenants will be looking to come to Reading from surrounding areas such as Oxford, Hampshire and Surrey. More than ever Reading has seen a rise in tenants coming in from London to then commute back to London from work due to lower costs and exceptional transportation services.

No Fee’s or Commission Charges

That’s right, we are not a high street agency so we do not charge any fee’s or commission. There are no hidden fee’s down the line either, we are completely transparent.

Rent Paid On Time Every Time

For the duration of the contract you will never miss a payment and you will receive the payment on the same day every month.

No Empty Periods or ‘Loss Of Income’

As we are guaranteeing your rent, you will never have a period of time where there is lost rental income. Even if we haven’t found the right tenants for your house, you will still receive payments from us.

Property Maintenance

We will ensure your property remains in the condition we found it, if not better. Our dedicated property maintenance team do all the work necessary to keep your property in good condition.

Legal Costs Covered

You won’t have to worry about having to remove or evict tenants from your property. We haven’t had an eviction case yet however, if we have to, we will handle it.

How We Compare

Letting Agency Hodgman Smith
Agency Commission 15% No commission
Landlord Set Up Costs £200 – £1000 No Costs
Period Without Rent Landlord Loses Income Guaranteed Rent Paid
Legal and Tenant Trouble Landlord Deals With It Hodgman Smith Handles It
Net Income From Rent Unpredictable Guaranteed
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